Bruno Mars - Grenade, Drum Sheet Music

Bruno Mars – Grenade

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Bruno Mars isn’t the only talented musician in his family; the superlative drum work in his breakout hit Grenade is the work of none other than his older brother, Eric Hernandez.

If you want to play along to Grenade by Bruno Mars, then this drum sheet music gives you each beat with full annotation and sticking patterns to nail this tricky, but fulfilling and fun song to play.

Grenade's pounding drum beat pulses with high energy from the combination of intricate tom patterns with a robust four to the floor bass drum that steadily drives the song.

This drum score is great for experimenting with muffling on your drums to emulate the shorter decay of the toms in Grenade. Try covering your high-tom with a tea towel or dish cloth and see what kinds of sounds you can get!

This song is ideal for Intermediate drummers and a great addition to any repertoire.